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I'm wondering how others handle it when their work interest goes in multiple directions. I have so many different projects, sometimes I feel like I'm not giving each it's due.
Right now I'm working on (or not working on):
Hand painted nudes on hand coated paper.
Combined/distressed negatives.
Toned Holga/Diana stuff.
Large hand-painted stuff (still getting the darkroom set up for 32x40 inch printing- I'm close to ready...)
Large format portraits.
Hand painted images from non-camera produced negatives.
Old family photos, for my family.
Probably a few more I've forgotten...

What are your "rules" for handling this situation? How do you allot your time? How do you allot your finances?
Thanks for your insights.
This isn't uncommon, I think it comes from the fact that one, our projects take so long in the mean time we have other ideas. Also if we do things one at a time, the results of a finished product are so far apart it's hard to keep current from a sales perspective.

I have 6 photography book projects, 3 camera mod projects, 8 different photo feeds I have to keep current, a website rebuild from scratch, and lots of digital photoshop learning stuff (which I haven't even installed yet). 5 film emulsion development experiments, etc etc.

It's endless and overwhelming, just pick something to do each day and do that thing that day and you'll feel accomplished at the end of the day. When you get close to done, then put all the energy into finishing it, then go back to your daily "pick a task".

That's how I handle it.

Hope that helps in some way.


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