Zackesch- As a novice, I think you're coming to film photography at an exciting time. I know it's contrary to "the sky is falling" thoughts on film but, "hardware" is cheap, and the entire world is your marketplace. "Software" is still available and, while choices aren't as varied as before, what's still produced is (mostly) exceptional. There's a kinship among film users, and information/guidance is more available than when I started out, over 40 years ago. The internet gives you the opportunity to see work by wonderful photographers you'd never knew existed before. About 80% of my favorite contemporary photographers I found on this site. They live around the world, and I never would have seen their work in the pre-internet days.
If I were in your shoes, I'd spend the $25 to become a subscriber. Then, I'd dive into the Gallery, spending time looking at images. I'd note the ones that "spoke to me", and figure out why. Then, I'd dig deeper into that photographer's work, noting the consistency of their vision and craftsmanship. Then, I'd go out with my camera, armed with the knowledge of what "speaks to me", and make my own.