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Besides, neither the other thread nor this one give a definite answer regarding whether the "starter" is needed.
I don't find clear answers on APUG.
Some people say that the "starter" only has the purpose of making the "replenisher" less potent during the first runs. That would mean that the "replenisher" alone could be used, maybe after having tweaked the development times.
In general when you compare the formual fro a replenisher with a developer, the replensihser has a different makeup. Normaly in Black and white we just mix the developer and add replenisher as needed. Many folks don't bother with replensiher.

In colour labs, the norm is to alwmst always use replenished systems so rathe rthan sell developer they sell replensiher and a "starter" which containes the "difference" to mix a developer. If you just want the developer you would always mix a combination of replenisher and starter.

The Small kits assumed non replensihed use and so contain a developer rather than a replenisher-starter combination.