Hi, Sorry, but I am kinda excited and tired. Drove 620 miles and 14 hours to pick up a Linhof Kardan Color 8x10. i don't know much about it, but I could not resist. It is a big thing and needs work, but everything is there and really only needs cleaning and lube. Possibly a re chrome on the rail. That is it's worst feature. The bellows are good and may be original as they have little metal hooks to hang on the front standard. The compendium hood is in excellent shape. The Linhof lens is clean and the shutter? The matching frame's serial #s are 91586.

I am looking for advice, guidance, history, manual and that sort of thing. The pictures are as purchased with no cleaning. Please excuse my darkroom is under construction. I am NOT a large format expert, but I am willing to learn. I am a gearhead and former dyno test mechanic. I love all mechanical things!

Before driving all day for this, I researched all night on the Internet. I did not find a lot of info or even many pictures. Were they that low of production, or unpopular or simply forgotten?

I realize it is a monster and makes my Calumet C1 and Horseman 8x10 appear small. So what! It is a show off piece for studio portraits. If this thing doesn't scare a sitter, I will have to move up to?06-DSCN1192.JPG08-DSCN1194.JPG09-DSCN1195.JPG07-DSCN1193.JPG12-DSCN1198.JPG

First time posting images, hope it works...