Hi there. Here's a street image I took with my Olympus XA2 on Kodak Tri-X (400). It was underexposed by one stop (ISO set to 800) and developed in D76 1:1 with no compensation (i.e. not pushed). I'm trying to print it. At first, I thought it needed less contrast, but now I think it might need more. I want to open up the shadows but I still want some true black in the image.

My enlarger is an Omega C760.The print shown here was exposed at f/8 for 8 seconds holding an Ilford Grade 2 multigrade filter under the lens (with white light turned on -- I didn't feel I was getting good results trying to dial in the grade with the color knobs). It's on Ilford Multigrade RC paper and was developed with Ilford PQ paper developer (60 seconds). That's an 18% gray card shown alongside the image.

I think there's too much detail for dodging and burning (this is 5x7) but I don't want to do anything too advanced anyway. I'm hopeful there's a good combination of exposure setting and filter choice that will give me something better. I'd be grateful for some direction. Thanks.