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ken I have been loading them one at a time i swear i think theres a problem with the film it makes NO sense does film ever go out uncoated? like has that in history ever happend haha
Just to make sure all of your questions are answered...

There are no film markings already present on sheet film like there are on roll film. It's just a cut sheet. The only identifying marks are those small cutouts present in the sheet itself on one edge. Those cutouts serve two purposes. First, the pattern they form is unique to each film type. This is so you can identify what type of film you have in your hand while in total darkness. And second, the cutouts are oriented such that if you hold the sheet in your right hand with the cutouts in the upper right-hand corner (usually under your right index finger tip), then the emulsion side of the sheet will be facing you directly. This aids you in orienting the film during loading into the holder. The emulsion side should be facing out of the holder.

Regarding the possibility of uncoated sheets, that's virtually a zero possibility. Because sheets are cut from very large master rolls, if yours was uncoated, then likely so would hundreds or thousands of others also be uncoated. And if that were the case there would have been a very large recall that all would have known about. You would have lots of company. And the coating line engineers would have all likely been fired. It would be as if hundreds of automobiles had left the assembly line without any wheels—and not a single person noticed.