I understand the desire for a new camera. That said, I ended up doing something in between.....I bought a body/viewfinder/back and 80mm completely overhauled from David Odess. Here in the States, he is considered one of the best Hasselblad service people. Right now he has a 503CX with waistlevel for $550. He has some backs, but only 40mm and 150mm lenses right now, though. Probably could get a whole 3 lens kit freshly rebuilt for $2500. Personally, I think a freshly overhauled camera would be more reliable than a new-old-stock camera that hasn't been used for several years....but it isn't new either....(: Choosing between the NOS camera and the millinium camera, I'd probably go new. It is, well, new and comes with a Hasselblad warrantee. I'm not a fan of fancy limited edition cameras. The Hasselblad is the camera I will take to my grave.....it is the perfect camera and you will love it no matter which one you get.