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I have a friend who runs a camera shop, and the distributor still has a new 503CW. I can get this with A12 for about $4K, which is good considering we have to pay 10% GST here.

My other option is the various MIB Milenium's available at some asian dealers for about $3k. The Milenium's pretty, but I'm thinking chances of getting a new blad are getting slimmer. Any thoughts?

Daniel, do you shoot color or b&w? A lot of us speculate. Will color film be available 5-10 years from now? I doubt it. I do think b&w film will exist for quite some time, just like black powder for muskets.

Take this in consideration before you drop 4 grand. Personally, I would look for a much less expensive used Hasselblad camera.

Alan (a Hasselblad 500cm owner)