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I'm planning a boudoir-style shoot for tomorrow morning, shot entirely indoors with window light on Ilford Delta 3200 film. I've used this film before on a couple of occasions (once in similar conditions), and was generally pleased with the results I got shooting box speed. However, a photographer acquaintance of mine who has been shooting film far longer than I recently suggested to me that, in his experience, Delta 3200 is best when exposed at 2400.

Can anyone else confirm similar results? If it matters, I'll be using the 35mm version of the film. Depending on available light, I'd actually considered pushing the film up to 6400 as needed, but I'd be interested in hearing what others have to say.
A point of clarification:

The so called "3200" films are two films that I would avoid referring to with the phrase "box speed" - I think it just adds confusion.

In most cases, people referring to "box speed" are referring to the ISO rating. If you refer to Delta 3200's "box speed", how does anyone know whether you mean it's ISO rating (1000) or the number in the name (3200)?