Dear Fellow MSA members,
Well, this has been a week to remember here on the East Coast. Although my town and myself emerged relatively unscathed from Hurricane Sandy, most people were not so lucky.
The newspapers and TV channels (when I finally was able to access them) were filled with the most horrible images of devastation. I freely admit I wept at the horror of it all.
But we must move on, thanks to folks like Kav, clean up and rebuild. With that in mind, the most symbolic of the dawning of a new day is a Sunrise!
So help me erase the pictures of destruction from my eyes and give me instead photos of the most beautiful sunrises you can find!
Color or B&W. Just show me the sun lifting up into the sky, bringing with it hope and courage that things will return to normal, no matter how long it takes.
Topic for November/December: Sunrises

Best to all,
barbara ann