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. . . More then anything, I want to find my photographic voice and have my voice recognizable. . . .
Too many have found the best way to make their style recognizable is to trumpet whatever they do, regardless of any intrinsic value. This means studying psycology, marketing, and the art scene; and by courting anyone who can promote their work. Fortunately for the art of photography, others have pursued some area of photography that inspires them to exert the effort needed to become masters of their field. Edward Weston and Eugene Atget are examples of this. Only by the efforts of a few who recognized Atget's accomplishments has he achieved the recognization denied during most of his photographic career. Weston had some help from his wife and fellow photographers in achieving some fame during his lifetime.

Ask yourself, "Which is more important, your photography or your fame?" Perhaps you can join the few who have both. Until then, concentrate on just one.