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Paid my Photopusher a visit yesterday and came home with a 105 f/2,5 nikkor. I thought it was an AIS or at least an AI but according to MIR and the serial number which is actually the one mentioned on MIR its a pre-AI.
Eccept for the exteriour and the f/32 minmum apperture on the pre-AI what are the differences
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The f:32 minimum aperture denotes a Gauss type version. The earlier versions were a Sonnar derivative and had f:22 as a minimum. Factory Ai lenses had a step in the rear of the aperture ring as well as an extra scale of (smaller) aperture numbers to be show the aperture in use in the viewfinder, non-Ai lenses that were modified do not have the second scale. Sonnar or Gauss, Ai or pre-Ai, it's a superb lens.