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I'm not as much for traditional landscapes as some people. I like desolate, almost empty places. I kind of seek them out. I think that being around two small children all the time makes me crave the peace and quiet that these places, and photographs of them, provide. I'd absolutely kill to photograph Death Valley. I also love abandoned factories, but since the one in town closed and so many people lost their jobs (including lots of my family and my husband) I haven't really had the desire to seek those out. I'm going to explore some really personal issues in the photographs I do next, so I think that doing the 'Middle of Nowhere' project right after will help me decompress.

I need to get the basement cleaned up so that I can set up the first shot. For some of these shots I'm going to need someone who can trip the shutter for me (it has to be me in the photographs), and for others I'm going to need models.
Me too but I like mine with models


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