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What sort of result does the Gossen give you if you do an incident reading in full sun for 100 ISO? Should be in the ballpark of 1/100 sec @f/16...
I had the opportunity to take test readings with the SBC using a subject (an 11 story office building) I originally photographed on 29-Jul-2012 @12:31 p.m. this past week around 11:15 a.m. I believe the light intensity was very close between the days. (In retrospect, the photo shot in July, which was taken at 1/60 sec @f/11, was over exposed. I ultimately reduced brightness -20 in PS to correct.) The sbc meter registered just under 1/125 sec @f/16 in both reflective (from camera/no diffuser) and incident modes (stood in the front of the building facing the direction of where the shot was taken using the spherical diffuser for the incident reading).

So my thought is, if I had this meter on the day of the shot, I probably would have chosen a setting of 1/250 sec @f/11 (a difference of two f-stops) and the picture would not have been over exposed (but maybe slightly under exposed). I'm looking forward to giving the sbc a try at my next shoot.

Thanks all for the feedback and links regarding ISO. It has been enlightening.