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Congratulations Stone. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?

Well, there are so many theories on the internet about so many things. Can you believe this site?

I was in the Air Force in intelligence and also at EK. I see so many untruths about both!

Best wishes.

No but I believe my eyes, and my eyes tell me the format is only good in 4x6 prints, Maybe 5x7.. Even the panorama images were lower quality and a bit blurry, it's like saying 35mm is as good as 8x10 sheet film, the more surface area, the more detail. I also had many of those thoughts before reading the article.

There's one thing even you can't deny, Kodak's history of sales techniques is undeniable, create a new format film and a lime of cameras exclusive to that format, then stop supporting it and creat another format.... 616,116,122,121,220,620,35(original),102,103,104,1 27,110,126, etc,etc..... Instead of standardizing, they simply make more money on a new system than on one that other film companies already produce, if they have a new system, others have to do R&D to produce competing films, which means Kodak is always ahead of the game.

If they had been smart and made the advantix system backward compatible (meaning shape the canister like 135) with added contact points on the base or top and magnetize the perf area, they could have had canisters that fit in 35mm cameras that already existed but you could have those pano options as well etc in the new cameras. Meaning people could still use advantix film in normal cameras so the market of people purchasing the film would be larger, and then from then on creat the 35advantix camera line and stick to it, other manufacturers could follow suit since they also would want the extra advantages of the advantix system but wouldn't have to change all the machinery for a new size of film, lens lineup etc. pros would like the shoot info / date cataloging etc. and it wouldn't exclude those who didn't have the money for a new camera YET, or didn't want to buy two kinds of film bedside they had their favorite camera they didn't want to give up, but wanted the new stuff too.

Just saying they could have done better.


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