If you think you need more contrast and the consensus here appears to be that you need more contrast then you need more contrast

It is very subjective. Most of the print looks pretty good to me but like you until I see it at say grades 2.5 to 3.5 I won't know if it represents an improvement.

A quick and dirty way using very little paper would be to choose an area of the neg that is either the most important or has a good range of tones then using a Paterson 5 strip test printer go through the 3 grades mentioned. Each time and with the strip covers closed and red safety filter move the Paterson to get the same section of neg under a new strip.

Alternatively have a look at R Lambrecht's test strip printer on his site Darkroom Magic. It is a great tool for this purpose and not that difficult to make in wood and even easier if you can find a workshop with a small laser cutter that cuts plastic.