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Gawd. Last night I had my first photographic dream. It happened in a darkroom and wasn't good. Everything was going wrong. Other than that I don't remember it.

When I was a karate instructor I used to get karate dreams. ...
A training instructor told my group that is called an "occupational nightmare." It's just your brain trying to sort stuff out. It affects you for a while until your brain can get everything sorted.

Last year in my area we had a snow and ice storm, which left streets with ice underneath snow. I had to ride my bicycle (with studded snow tires) to get to the busses and get to work. One of the busses got stuck, so I followed another on a bike to the next stop that would have busses. We slipped and slid all over, but never fell down. That night, what did I initially have in my dreams? Yep! Lots of sliding around on a bicycle.