Randy - When I was in my teens in the 1960s, I fell in love with Linhof and the Monster Kardan 8X10 became one of my dream cameras. Alas, as I got older and finally had a chance to buy one, common sense prevailed. I recall these were made in both 5X7 and 8X10 versions, and single-bellows and double-bellows (with an intermediate standard to join the bellows). http://www.cameraeccentric.com/info.html has a 1957 Linhof catalog with a page on the Kardan. If you look at eBay #251106277545, the catalog in the upper right of the first picture (blonde lady with Press 70) has about 8 pages on the Kardan cameras, including 2 pages showing all the available accessories. The upper middle catalog is slightly earlier and has a similar section on the Kardan, although with a couple less pages. Sometimes you see these catalogs available individually on eBay for not much money. If you search eBay for "photo technik", you will find examples of the beautiful magazine Linhof published quarterly for many years. I believe the English version started in about 1956 or '57, and the ones up to about 1970 or a little later are of most interest as far a classic Linhofs. Again, I sometimes see issues going for less than $10, so you might just watch eBay for awhile. Linhof published a book called "Linhof Practice" too. I see several copies on eBay under Completed Auctions so you can see what the book is. None under Current Auctions at the moment. Some of the online book sellers may have this or the Technik magazine. A site I found with pictures of a Kardan and the big Linhof double-leg tripod you need to go with your camera: http://barteess.blogspot.com/2012/03...color-5x7.html