Hello Daniel,

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Henning, thank you very much for your level headed and well informed posts.
you're welcome. I am glad if my information is helpful for you.

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A great attitude towards ALL of those companies who still make film is needed by our *true* film ambassadors as you call them.
Yes, absolutely. All of them deserve our support.
I try to do my part by being a "film ambassador" = encouraging other photographers to use film (and teaching it to younger photographers), and
by being "a real film photographer" who uses all types of film:
- colour reversal
- BW reversal
- BW negative
- colour negative and
- instant film

Furthermore I support all of our main manufacturers Ilford, Fujifilm, Kodak, Adox, Maco/Rollei-Film, Foma, Tetenal etc. by buying their products on a regular basis.

There is a lot what we can do ourselves to keep film products alive.

In memory of John F. Kennedy's "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"
we all can behave in a way
"don't ask what the film photo community can do for you, ask what you can do for the film community".
Think global, act local.

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We have to be absolutely positive when talking about ALL of the makers of film at this stage, it makes us look bitter and self defeating if we let trolls get us into these recent pissing matches on this site in terms of who really cares about film, what is the future, etc. I was about to give up on this site again which is really sad when one considers what it's overall mission is.

But real photographers, real people who ARE self educated on here like Henning who think about the impacts of thier posts to potential newcomers of film that will obviously read them will keep me around. Yes, film's future is all but certain and there are demand driven and Wall Street realities that will steer these fates for sure. But those who use film have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a considerate, rational and positive approach to how they portray any film maker in thier posts in going forward....

Keep up the great attitude and great work!
Thanks for the compliment, Daniel.
Yes, you are right. We all like apug, that's why we are here, but in the last years a quite negative development happened here, unfortunately.
Often apug has been "the center of the doom and gloom, and the sky is falling preaching".
We all know about the challenges and difficulties in the film based industry. No one is denying that.

But, if we want a sustainable future for film we have to encourage other photographers, especially younger ones to use film.
These photographers search on the internet, and they find apug. And then read a little bit here.
Do anybody think that they will start with film, if every second posting is "the end is near, tomorrow we will have no film anymore"?
Would you join a club which is permanently discussing its own closure?
Of course you would not.

All this exaggerated "doom and gloom" is absolutely counterproductive. It definitely hurts film sales. It discourage other photographers to start with film. By doing that we are indeed sawing the branch we are sitting on.
The digital photo industry actively started the marketing campaign "film has no future, you photographers have to switch to digital, because there will be no more film you can use".
With joining in in this campaign, permanently posting "doom and gloom postings", you do the job of the digital marketing guys! They are of course very happy about lots of "useful idiots" helping them in their campaign.

I know lots of apugers see Lomography quite critical. But they have done some very clever things which should be a guide for other film communities like apug as well:
For example a very positive attitude concerning the future of film.
Already at Photokina 2008 they had a gigantic booth, and in very big letters above their booth "The Future is analogue". And this slogan is since then part of their PR.
Result of this:
- They encourage young people to use film.
- Their online community has more than 125,000 members (more than double as apug!).
- Their sales numbers are increasing by 15-20% p.a.

We will not have success with a negative attitude.
Therefore think about it, and stop the permanent "doom and gloom". Don't waste time in this counterproductive activities. Instead use the time and go out shooting film!
And encourage others to use film, too.
Imagine, if every film photographer encourage 2 or 3 others to use film, too.
Then film can have a sustainable future.
Everyone of you can do this and encourage at least 2 or 3 others. It is possible, I know what I am talking about, I've encouraged much more than that to use film.

Best regards,