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You're right—people do copy one another blindly, and they have no idea what they're getting themselves into. I think Caffenol is one of those trends that doesn't make a lot of practical sense, but it sounds like fun none the less. I can imagine it has it's place too, though. By the way: it's great that you were one of the camera store salespeople who tried to do good things! Most would've swindled that guy for even more money. (;
its funny that you say that about caffenol
i have been using it in one form or another since may 2006.
i strayed from the pack pretty quickly, stopped measuring anything
stopped doing the times / temps they said ..
and now roast my own coffeebeans for my developer
and add a wee bit of print developer ( ansco 130 ) to boost the contrast
and smooth things out. ( it costs me about 4˘ / roll to process )
heck, i was using ansco 130 as a film developer before 2000 ...
the thing about developers and photography in general
is there are a zillion people all telling you you should be doing " this and that "
because it is what they are used to, it is what they like to do and it allegedly works for them.

just experiment with your developer, and film and figure out what works best for YOU.
it might even mean you over expose your film a little bit and use a stronger concentration of your developer
if you stand develop, or leave at box speed, and agitate a little bit at the begining, or middle or end just to
boost your contrast.
the hardest thing todo, especially with website forums
is turn up the squelch and only do what you want, without the rest of the people telling you how wrong you are
and not listen to how all your film and prints will look terrible because you are doing it all wrong ...

good luck figuring it out !