I don't have the formula for any of those and on my screen the formulas at the referenced site are too garbled for me to read. I can comment from theory that development starvation decreases development in higher density regions and changes the image structure. Generally, the inhibiting effect of released bromide will kick in, but then as development slows down other things begin to take place, but yes, adjacency effects would be expected here.

Two bath developers are problematic. They can work with modern films, but the problem is this. Old, thicker films absorbed more of the first part and carried it over to the second part. Today, films are thinner and harder. They carry over less of the first part. In fact, 2 part developers are very hard to control from film to film due to thickness and hardness variations. For this reason a 2 part developer must be adjusted for every film.

I would suspect that a 2 part developer could be devised for a modern film simply by increasing the concentration of the first part by 2x or 3x.