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If heated afterwards (microwave works, I think), Kool-Aid will dye wool. I have a raspberry beret from the 80's that has raspberry Kool-Aid (and some cherry and blueberry 'cause the color wasn't quite right at first). No idea what Kool-Aid and heat would do to film, though. jnanian? tried that, yet?
Indigo works on just about everything (including the stuff you're not trying to dye).
hey beth
yep i have used kool-aid
but opted out since it had so much sugar and it smelled
fruity when i was done
food coloring took too much, to make it a concentrate that worked
reed dye seemed to work best of all the weird stuff i tried
but i am sure there are other things that work well too ....

one of these days i will try encaustic painting on prints ...
wax and paints seems easy and fun