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I keep hearing about coffee developer, but I can't find a simple mix explanation, everyone says try this or mix that, I just want instructions and then I can experiment from there, can you provide basic how to?

It's sorta on topic right? Coffee is a stand process right?


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the easiest recipe for caffenol is this

Caffenol C

8 oz. water
4 slightly rounded tsp. instant coffee
2 tsp. washing soda
1000 mg Vitamin C (1/4 tsp powder)

it has to be cheap rot gut instant coffee
if you can't find washing soda ( sodium carbonate )
take BAKING SODA spread it on a cookie sheet and put in an oven
at low heat to purge the moisture from it and convert it to washing soda
vit c, well health food stores, ebay, photographers formulary, pharmacies &c can get it for you

i stand develop, and mix it strong ...
most people do normal agitation schemes ...

if you have a scale go to reinhold's blog
( )
there, he has TONS of info, precise recipes and tips to make it all work

there are even people that just make the coffee ( as if they were going to drink it )
and don't use the sodium carbonate or vit c
and stand develop the film for a while ..

caffenol negatives tend to LOOK thin, but they print and numericalize beautifully ...

good luck !