I should probably note that I'm a huge fan of cyberpunk literature, I was an early adopter of digital, and I jumped on the Kindle bandwagon, though not for everything, about a year ago. I've been a gamer for well over 2/3 of my life, and I've been on the internet for more than 1/3 of my life.

It's already pretty hard to escape from. I use the internet to buy my film, look up chemical formulas, talk to other photographers, and show off my work. I use the internet to find knitting patterns, find people to help me when I have knitting issues, find my bare yarn to dye, and get my product out to other knitters. I use the internet to pay my bills, watch TV, and converse with family.

It's just...not horrible to me. I could live without it, but I was very isolated in my small town before the internet. I kind of shudder to think about how I would have turned out as a person if it wasn't for the internet and being able to very quickly get multiple views on various topics. I found it an amazing learning tool, about everything from sexuality to ancient Egyptian history. Having all this knowledge at your fingertips is more powerful than a lot of people realize.