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The problem of companies like Kodak or Fuji is, that if they just switch on their coating machines, they will produce much to much film for a niche market - they are simply too big.
OK, how many days/weeks/months will it take Fuji or Kodak to produce the world demand quantity for the next 50 years? Take the numbers of today or a decade ago to be on the safe side. (Overproduction is not the problem, right?)

Then look out for the coldest place on Eart you can find, buy some acres there and push the button. Ship everything you produce to the "cold place" and supply the market from there.
Financing it from what? Well, after you produced the needed quantity of film for the next 50 years machines are wear out I guess. So you can sell the ground you have the factories on to investors before starting this final run and tear anything down after you finished. The incoming money would be suffice to buy enought depositing space somewhere in Kazachstan, Groenland or the Southpole.
So Kodak and Fuji, just push that button for the final run.

On the serious side; could this not work for at least low and medium sensitivity film and paper?