When you don't fill the tank as much as you should...

You still have printable shots. I did this tonight. Haven't done it since I used Paterson tanks 30 years ago.

I didn't have that much film to develop so instead of doing just one roll, I decided to do one 35mm and one 120.

I have no idea why I was thinking 12 ounces would cover both and 16 was plenty. Why don't I know by now how much it takes to cover 1 each of 35mm + 120 in a tall Nikor tank?

At least the 35mm roll was on the bottom. It got fully developed.

A partially submerged roll of 35mm is pretty much hosed.

But the MF has plenty of compositional opportunities, even though only 2/3 of the film was submerged. Many of the shots on tonight's roll will work out OK. Only a couple are ruined.