That's reasonable advice, andrew.roos. I did call the store today, but the store is in Springfield, IL and the lab is in St. Louis, MO. The gentleman at the store wasn't able to tell me what they develop their B&W film in (he honestly didn't know) so I did what I thought was the next best thing. I scanned negatives of some shots I'd done in B&W about 15 years ago. They were on Tri-X I think (I know Tri-X and HP5+ are not the same film), definitely shot at box speed. I didn't see the shadow detail I thought should be there, so I am shooting this roll at ISO 200. Hope this turns out okay; if not I'll have to bug the lab directly I guess. I didn't want to wait until Monday to get in touch with the lab, I wanted to shoot NOW so thought this might be a reasonable compromise. I should probably call the lab directly on Monday and find out what they develop B&W in and then I can give appropriate instructions to them when I take the film in (it takes me a while to get through 36 shots!).

Thank you all for your advice, hopefully this roll will turn out more to my liking. I want to get some B&W practice in as I'm wanting to do some IR work next spring/summer and think this might be a good way to get a feel for B&W before I go that direction. And maybe by then I'll have the ability to at least develop the film myself, even if I can't print it myself yet.