Only one small caveat.

Cosmetic defects can, sometimes, indicate that the camera has been subject to hard use or has been damaged.

A "brassed" escutcheon around the cocking lever might seem like it's only a cosmetic defect but you also have to consider that, in order to wear away the chrome from that location, the lever must have been actuated many, many times. If it's been operated enough times to wear away that much of the finish, the mechanism inside the camera must have also been operated many, many times. That suggests hard use.

Scratches or small dents on the base plate of a camera might seem like they are only cosmetic but consider that, in order to get those scratches, the camera must have been slid across some hard surface several times. Dents or gouges indicate that it might have been dropped or bumped hard.

Whenever you see any indications of hard use or wear on a camera, consider sending it to have it cleaned and adjusted. (The proverbial "C.L.A.")