Good choice, Barbara. Thanks for that. And good to know all is well your way.

Uploaded two I recently scanned from last year's trip. It'll do to get things started.
Got some thoughts on something I want to try around where I live, found a apot where I can watch the sunrise over the lake.

Finally found what was wrong with the Mamiya 645 Pro-TL, everything was coming out seriously underexposed. Thought initially it was the shutter gone.
Turns out these things have a small 6V battery under the body that I never noticed and guess what was flat? Yup...
Replaced it and it looks like it's back to normal. Had no idea that battery was needed for the meter!
Still gonna bounce it off the mechanic to check the shutter speeds but it should be OK now.

Hopefully will be able to use it for more recent shots. Got a pile of Provia 100F 120 to go through and a holiday coming up!
Hopefully the weather will improve here and we'll start getting some serious Summer heat and sunrises!