I really have some sympathy with Michael L's post - it inspired me to join this forum (and make a first post). I've never owned, or used, an OM10. When I was looking for an SLR to replace my Zenit TTL back in 1984/5 I was warned off the OM10 in similar tones - not a 'real *man's* camera was the gist - why? Mainly because it was auto only and *real* men used an OM1. So I bought an OM1 - it's been with me ever since - up mountains and cliffs, down caves, across the world. It too 'shows the love'.... and now I have an OM2n. But... I hanker after an OM10 (anything Olympus in fact - to add to the Trip, the XA2 and the 35RC). A camera becomes part of one after such a long time and returns the affection - of that I'm sure. So long live Michael's OM10!!