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There isn't really an answer, especially on this forum, but two things are for certain - an art education helps and the validation of critics is absolutely necessary.

A Leica is a bare minimum. This is what I've discovered through poring over books and literature. But go medium or large format if you want to literally nail the 'fine' bit - assuming you know how to focus.
35mm photographers rarely win the fine art label from critics because their negatives are too small and heads too big. (Try Googling a picture of Garry Winogrand and tell me he doesn't have a big head. Critics don't like this, as it takes up gallery space reserved for their own giant craniums - physically and otherwise.

This is a very subjective statement. Use whatever equipment you have available. The camera gear you mentioned is just fine. My response is not with respect to pouring over books and making historical references. My college photography professors *all* used a combination of formats, all of whom have done world-wide shows, won awards, and hold distinguished academic positions.