Hi Karl,

In the UK there is only one brick-and-mortar shop selling Lucky B&W film. Most of it is available via Ebay sellers based in China and South Korea. I bought recently some to try the Super Colour 100 and SHD 100.
As Henning said, Lucky stopped production of their Super Colour 100 and 200 films. B&W in the form of the SHD 100 is still in production. They also produced a 400 ISO and a CN 400 ISO versions, but I can't find them anywhere and suspect production has ended for these films. Be aware that SHD 100 has had some problems in 120 format due to the type of tape used to stick the backing paper to the film. I'm not sure if they have corrected the problem as I don't use 120 film. The film is also thin.
In the past China Lucky had a collaborative agreement with Kodak until Kodak pulled out in 2008. But Lucky got some Know-How from Kodak.