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one of my friends wants a metered TLR so I was thinking Yashica.

1. Is this the best metered option (for the price)?
2. What is the difference between the 124 and 124g?
3. What is the approximate cost?
For the price, yes.

The 124G has a reputation for having some plastic gears and other parts where the 124 has metal. And the 124G is a butt-ugly monstrosity while the 124 maintains some grace of the older TLR look... well, I guess that's a matter of opinion

They will go for $150 to $350. For $350, you can get an overhauled 124/G from Mark Hama where everything will be working well. Short of that, be patient and you'll find something that works well.

I'll echo what others have said about the internal meter. If you let go of that as a requirement a whole world of wonderful TLRs opens up to your friend. But if an internal meter is what will get him using the camera, that is the way to go.