I currently use Fomapan 100. I switched from Plus-X when it was discontinued. Right before I switched I starting using using the zone system and cutting the speed of Plus-X in half. I wish I had know all of this at the beginning of the 100 rolls I used.

I am starting to dislike Fomapan because of a few QC problems as well as its tonality. The negatives are very contrasty and it seems like Fomapan is very prone to blocking up. I used a couple of rolls of Plus-X at a location where I used Fomapan. I like the Plus-X better.

The last time I used FP4+ was a few years ago. At the time I just used an incident meter and didn't develop my film. I knew nothing of how great a spot meter is.

I have heard that FP4+ is similar to Plus-X. How close is it? Rodinal is my standard developer. How well does it work? Is it worth the extra $2 per roll.

Should I even bother switching film or could this all be just a problem with technique?

I expose Fomapan 100 at EI 50 and place my shadows on Zone IV. I tend to use N development.