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Should I even bother switching film or could this all be just a problem with technique?

I expose Fomapan 100 at EI 50 and place my shadows on Zone IV. I tend to use N development.
Well FP4 is a really beautiful IMO film and I've had no quality problems.

I shoot FP4 at box and incident meter and it is truly rare for me to be disappointed.

A couple thoughts though before you switch.

First. Just because Plus X works well at 1/2 box speed with a spot meter for you, doesn't mean every other film will too.

Second. EI 50 and placing shadows at Zone IV is like shooting at EI 25, so 1/4 of box rating, not 1/2. That means you are adding two stops of extra exposure which could easily explain your blocked up highlights in many scenes.

Third. Most films do a truly fine job but that doesn't mean you'll get along with every film. Kinda like dating, you gotta figure it out for yourself.