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I'm planning on being there Thursday evening, I'm at the Comfort also. Need info on where to meet and when Thursday. Anyone know the plans???
As I understand it, about 6:30 at Lee's darkroom, which everyone should have the info for. (If not, let's put that in PMs.)

Even though I'm just coming from Dallas, it is still 40-50 miles one way from my house, so I am also "splurging" and staying at the Comfort Inn. If I can be of assistance to any of you out of towners that are also staying there, PM me. Directions from the airport should be fairly straightforward, since the motel is on I-20. Anyone driving, the motel should still not be hard to find.

I am leaving after work on Thursday, and will fight the usual rush hour traffic. (Another reason for not wanting to commute.) I hope to be at the Comfort Inn by 6:00 or so and had "previsialized" being at Lee's fashionably late at around 7:00.

Best laid plans ... :rolleyes:

Anyway, If I can do the traveler's aid thing for anyone, let me know. I'll be checking my PMs right up until I leave work that day.

Cheers, y'all.