A good solution sometimes for thinner negs of contrasty situations (which you have here - direct sun on the woman, the boy and the "press" people, with the background in the deep shade) is split filtering. This is a big subject, and you can find out a lot about it by searching for it on this forum.
My approach here would be to expose with the lowest grade filter first, a test strip with several values running through the brightest highlight. Find the exposure that gives you just the value you want there (the shadows should be weak, and gray). Then expose another strip, running through that area and some deep shadows (or just make a whole print), with that exposure with the low contrast filter, then run strips with the highest contrast filter through the whole print, like you did before, except now you are looking for the exposure for the high contrast filter on top of the flat filter. From here you finesse both until you get what you are looking for. It's a more lengthy and complicated way to print, but affords much more control (and in my opinion, you learn a lot more about printing). I print almost everything with split filtering.