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A friend has a very nice RB 67 SD with a nice collection of lenses, at an attractive price. However, it appears that all three backs are 220 backs. I don't believe they are switchable between 220 and 120, are they? On my 645, the insert is one or the other.

He has only ever used 220 film, so doesn't remember. I tend toward B&W, so I would really want to shoot 120.

Anyone have first hand knowledge on this? Thanks!

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They are different with different pressure plates heights, you may scratch the 120 using 220 backs.

HOWEVER 120 backs used are REALLY cheap, you can get them for $20-$50 each on eBay or even Adorama at times, they have more expensive ones but the quality doesn't seem to differ, I own one that I got for my RZ67 and it's actually in better condition and looks brand new.

Deals are out there, good luck!


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