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Michael, how many 4x5 negatives can you hold in one of the AM boxes, when using the polyester side-lock sleeves? Do you put the sleeves in the paper envelopes, too? I'm considering moving my negs from the Printfiles, due to occasional scratching... Do you also use these for 120? Many thanks.
I don't use any special boxes. Each 4x5 negative is in a polyester sleeve that goes in an envelope. I don't shoot 120 so no idea, but I assume they'd be very similar to the 35mm AM sleeves, which I do use. For LF I used to like the frosted Mylar fold-lock sleeves I'd get from Light Impressions but they got harder and harder to get.

To me, the smaller formats are where these systems are most useful simply because the enlargement factor is greater. Even "micro scratches" barely visible to the eye on the negative can sometimes cause problems.