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No I didn't. If he was using slide film perhaps, but for black & white perhaps a reflective reading on the area he considered most important. But impossible to tell without being there and viewing the subject/context in question. Is it a portrait of a baby or Count Dracula?

???? Were you and I looking at a different gallery to the one OP gave us a link to? Where was the portrait figure that made it difficult for you to tell whether it was a baby or Count Dracula

I keep on adding a smiley face because I assume you are being provocative in a funny way and not trying to insult the OP with the reference to "baby or Count Dracula". Fortunately I didn't see any baby portraits but had there been one it would be easy for the OP to misunderstand your comment as we have seen happen recently. However I was simply asking you to say what differences you would have made to the B&W and colour portraits to improve them.

I think the OP was asking for our advice,help and essentially whether we thought his method had exposed his portraits reasonably well. I thought he had made a reasonable job.

This ends my discussion here in case this turns into a dialogue between you and I which effectively but wrongly highjacks the OP's thread. However if you can suggest an exposure method which will improve his portraiture, based on the evidence of his work that he has given us then I am sure he will appreciate it

I love the longer nights at this time of year. The coffin gets very uncomfortable after 18 hours in mid summer