Dancqu, the instructions that I quoted came with the Nova Washmaster Printwasher. They were specific for that particular piece of equipment. Ilford's recommendations, which I follow, are for their optimum permanence sequence with selenium toner. This fact sheet can be downloaded from the Ilford.com website under the title "processing B&W fibre base papers". Ilford recommends an ideal wash temp. range from 65-75 degrees F. with a minimum wash time of 30 minutes. They do not mention increasing the wash time for temps. colder than 65F, or decreasing the wash time for temps warmer than 75F. If my explaination gave you that impression, it's because of my inability to communicate with this keyboard. My wash water runs at an ambient temp. of 80F during the warmer months of the year. I still wash for a minimum of 30 minutes in my archival printwashers. I can warm my wash water to 65F, but I can't cool it below the ambient temp. Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner contains Amminium Thiosulphate (rapid fixer) and needs to receive a full wash after the prints are toned. I am only talking about FB prints. I do not use RC paper. Film does not absorb fixer into the base material. Even so, I treat it with Permawash and wash it for at least 15 min. at 65-75 F, just to play it safe. I don't believe that Ilford, Kodak, or any other manufacturers are trying to deceive their customers. They want us to suceed and continue to purchase their products.