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...EBONY to my opinion is very expensive and beautiful. Film holders not produced...
Ebony does indeed produce film holders to match its SV Wholeplate. See approximately halfway down this page:

I've evaluated one of them and found it to be just as stupendously made as the camera is. In particular, Hiromi's use of ebony wood for the piece that includes the locking rib resulted in the only holder I've ever seen that doesn't bulge there from light trap spring pressure. One penalty for this, just like the camera, is weight. Ebony whole plate holders are as heavy as a plastic 8x10 holder. Also, when, exactly 3-1/2 years ago, I asked Jeff at Badger for a price quote, he said they would be $675 per holder. My stunned reaction elicited a reply from Jeff stating "that's why we don't list them on the Web site."

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Mr. Gunter (Lotus camera manufacturer) is considering to add to his camera production a self-contained 6.5" x 8.5 " format. He expressed that he got few inquires from costumers about WHOLE PLATE camera. He is taking measurments and creating new drawings for his new beauty...
When I ordered the first SV Wholeplate from Hiromi, he made it to match Lotus holders I obtained first. GŁnter Stroebele and I discussed how to best approach the project, concluding that merely shrinking Lotus' 8x10 holder design would be optimum. Ilford provided whole plate film nominal dimensions and cutting tolerances, which I then forwarded to GŁnter. After receipt of those holders, I sent one to Hiromi so he could finish the camera. Since the camera back design was then fixed, Hiromi builds his holders to the same specification as Lotus.

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...CHAMONIX reasonalby priced, whole system available (film holders...
When Hass agreed to enter the whole plate arena, I sent Hugo one of my Lotus holders to match. Therefore, modern Chamonix, Lotus and Ebony wholeplate holders are all built to the same de-facto standard and should be interchangeable between those cameras. I am currently using a number of Chamonix holders along with the original group purchased from Lotus with my SV Wholeplate.

Unfortunately for Ebony, the Yen/dollar exchange rate has changed substantially. Today's price for an SV Wholeplate is nearly 50% higher than what mine cost 5-1/2 years ago. I hope GŁnter will be able to bring his whole plate camera to market at a price and weight that falls midway between the Chamonix and Ebony competition. That could potentially be a "sweet spot" that encourages more folks to join the renaissance.