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Instead of a new thread, I thought it would be better to resurrect this one. I just got some HC110 and want to use if for some Freestyle arista.edu ultra. I was thinking a "semi stand" with dilution "H" and agitate about half way through.

In the past when I have used the Arista liquid developer, the brighter lit areas are blown out to the point its nearly impossible to see those areas.

Would semi-stand in HC110 improve things, or should I consider something different?
I've never used Arista developer, but HC110 is a flexible general purpose solvent developer. It will not "blow out" highlights unless the exposure range is very long and/or the film is overdeveloped. Even with very high contrast subjects, dilution and agitation alterations can be made to control contrast without resorting to stand development, which should be considered an extreme procedure. Stand development should not be viewed simply as a procedure for contrast reduction. There are simpler, more controlled ways of doing that. Stand development is a technique that produces it's own unique tonalities and/or edge effects. You should first establish a controlled "normal" exposure/development routine with your film and developer before moving to stand or semi-stand techniques.

It is also worth noting just because highlights look dense in the negative, or print white, doesn't mean they are blown out. There may very well be detail in the negative which needs to be brought into the print with burning/dodging or other print manipulations. Perhaps a more mild reduction in negative development will make your negatives easier to print without extreme measures. Sometimes extreme contrast reductions can destroy highlight separations, which leads them to be truly "blown out".