This is great and I've been thinking of doing the same thing, not because of body issues as much as to experience life as a model so I can be a better photographer.

I would like you to look at Annie Leibovitz: A Photographers Life (I THINK it's this book).

I can't seem to find the image online. It's of Annie, nude, in a bathtub, of her as she is now, a little older, it's such a beautiful photo, yet in no way is it traditionally flattering to her. But yet it's SO beautiful, so telling, like looking into her soul.

Think about the beauty inside, and the beauty in the telling of your story, bring that out, the pain, don't be afraid, when you are done you will feel better, to look at yourself and truly admit and see it. There's one thing to talk about it, and another to let that emotion show and be released to the world.

I wish you luck, if you ever need help or think it would be interesting to add a section of you taken by other photographers to see how they see you in their art, I'd surely come to (Iowa?) to be a part of it

In the mean time here is another self portrait she did earlier of herself, nude, pregnant, simple, and honest...

I really wish I could find this other photo, I saw it in a bookstore but it was $80 and I'm cheap lol


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