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Cindy Sherman's work is awesome. David, I'm going to take a look at Jo Spence, too.

The images I'm taking won't just be self portraits. Some of them will be me, some of them won't be. The idea is to tell a story of slowly spiraling into depression, and then clawing my way out of it...because it's basically what I did. I think that it could be more powerful as a body of work if it *isn't* just me, as lots of people go through this stuff. It's going to be a lot of environmental portraiture, conceptual shots, and still lifes.

There are two photos I can have my husband help me with. Others I can probably do with models if I can find people willing. It'll probably take most of next year to do, especially if I do some of the "Middle of Nowhere" stuff between to keep myself from falling into a bad head space.

I figured out that I can't do the shot I wanted to do down the basement exactly as I've envisioned it, but I can make it work if I cover the tripod legs with something dark and futz with the lighting enough that the tripod is out of the range of the lights. It's me in a mirror, so it's going to be interesting to pull off.

Take the glass out of the mirror and put yourself behind where the glass used to be.