I have been contact printing my 6x9 negs recently, its actually pretty fun. Ive been cutting a long roll of ilford rc with a rotary trimmer and making the mini contact prints with it. Mostly just messing around until I source an appropriate neg carrier and decently large piece of AN glass to modify for my LPL670. I made a carrier out of mat board for the lpl 6x7 in 6x9 size, but it didnt have the correct thickness/light blocking guides so it didnt work.

I have bought a 4x5 enlarger over the summer just for 6x9, but it is missing the baseboard. I'll have to make that, and find space to put the thing in my darkroom.

I have also enlarged cropped areas of the 6x9s using a smaller carrier, and the quality is quite nice (fuji 6x9).