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Daniel, do you shoot color or b&w? A lot of us speculate. Will color film be available 5-10 years from now? I doubt it. I do think b&w film will exist for quite some time, just like black powder for muskets.

Take this in consideration before you drop 4 grand. Personally, I would look for a much less expensive used Hasselblad camera.

Alan (a Hasselblad 500cm owner)
I shoot mostly colour. When I eventually get a dark room setup, I will do B&W. I just bought a Hasselblad PCP-80 projector to view the slides. I think colour film will be in use. The Japanese seem to be a bit like the Germans in respect that not every commercial decision is about increasing share price. There are many companies in Japan which make small volume items, because that is the purpose of the company, its tradition. I think Fuji will continue making film forever. With Kodak gone, they certainly have increased sales, and film will become remain as an artistic medium, if not a commercial one.

Have a look at the Impossible film project. E6 is a simple in comparison to re-creating polaroid from scratch, and there is enough worldwide demand for Polaroid. I guess they made me realise that I am willing to pay more for what I enjoy, and that E6 prices are very cheap in comparison to what they would be if produced by a niche company. I'll be happy to support Fuji, and if the day ever comes, can freeze 20 years worth of film and buy a Jobo to process myself.

I currently use a Fuji 670GW and are very happy with it. Compared to the price of a top end digital camera, which depreciates every year, and then becomes disposable, a hand-made mechanical master piece like a Hasselblad is very good value.