ur discussing the standard "never-ready" case? Why? I have one for my 2.8 E, but to use it I need to thread the handle and strap lugs into their proper holes, take the lens shade and maybe even the filter off, and on and on, every time I want to just close the dumb thing up to hike a bit farther down the trail.

Heck with that -- I have a case designed to take a 35mm slr and a tele-lens that holds the rollei 2.8 E camera with lens shade and strap nicely -- zips from the top, i just unzip, pull out the camera and there it is. There's a net pocket on the front for extra film and room under the camera (where the tele lens would extend) to put a couple of close-up lenses and filters in a separate plastic bag.

And it's padded.

You can purchase cases like this for a LOT less than a vintage Rollei case will set you back -- I sold an F case for $75 or so a few years ago, but I'd never buy one for that sort of money.

So if you want to use your camera in any sort of practical way, go to a camera store that has a wide selection of camera bags and find one. Should set you back about $25.