I've been hired by a local fella to print a few old negatives. It's interesting. Most are 40's to 60's, but the oldest are glass plates over 100 years old.
He is quite adamant about NO COMPUTERS, no RC paper, no photoshop to fix scratches, no digital negatives. Fibre paper only, and he is picky about the surface too. Obviously a man of tatse.
There are a few lantern slides he'd like printed. He had heard about Ilford's direct positive paper, and asked me to try to print them on that. So I'm trying. Lots of test strips today. The no exposure, DARK paper, lots of exposure, WHITE paper, I'm finding challenging. After decades of the opposite, it makes my head hurt to think backwards. I was worried about the high contrast. Once I figured out the preflashing (you're not looking for that split-second that gives you just off-white, you need just off-BLACK), and diluted the developer a bit the contrast seems somewhat tamed.
Anyone else trying to print positive transparencies? I'd be curious to hear how it's going, or see examples.