A 400 speed film will give you 1/125 sec at around f/5.6 that time of year. By the end of November there won't be much more than 8-9 hours of human usable light each day. Less for a camera. And less if it's cloudy. Which it is for weeks at a time. You can expect 4-6 stops less light than sunny-16 on most days. Contrasts are very flat.

And it rains. And rains. And rains. Not a deluge. This is a temperate rainforest climate. It's just always a light rain and always wet. And if by chance it isn't wet, just wait five minutes. There are sunny days. But they often arrive with only a few hours of advanced notice. Or more likely no notice. And two hours of sun can be the definition of "sunny day". Like, you went to the bathroom and missed it. Until next month. Again.

A few days ago I took the grill out of the barbeque intending to clean it for the winter. Got interrupted and left it leaning on the porch. Just now went to take out the trash for pickup. The thing is already covered with mold. Only a few days.

Think I'm kidding? Check out this NWS link for Seattle. Bookmark it. Follow it over time. Resolve never to move here.


P.S. It's raining outside right now. Imagine that..